Volume 21, Summer 2013

Editorial Commentary

  • Prins, Jan H.


  • Seasonal Variations in Swimming Force and Training Adaptation

    Rod Havriluk

  • Is the Breaststroke arm stroke a "Pull" or a "Scull"?

    Ernest W Maglischo

    Part I & Part II

  • How Do Asymmetries Affect Swimming Performance?

    Ross H. Sanders

  • Original Research

    The fifth stroke: the effect of learning the dolphin-kick technique on swimming speed in 22 novice swimmers.

    Luc Collard, Emmanuel Gourmelin, & Valérie Schwob

  • The effects of ten weeks block and reverse periodization training on swimming performance and body composition of moderately trained female swimmers

    Arroyo-Toledo, J.J. V.J. Clemente, & , J.M.González-Ravé